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Kingscan IVe King Scan Brinell Microscope

Please call for pricing (252) 344-2309

Kingscan IVe King Scan Brinell Microscope

Please call for pricing (252) 344-2309
Kingscan IVe
9.00 LBS

Product Description

The Kingscan® IVe  Automatic Brinell Microscope


   Fast, accurate, repeatable and very affordable, the Kingscan IVe is designed for use with desktop and laptop computers. The Kingscan IVe is available as a kit to be used with a customer's existing computer, or it may be purchased with a desktop or laptop computer.

   Even the most inexperienced user can take accurate Brinell readings to 0.01 mm.  The user simply places the camera over the Brinell impression and aligns the impression within the electronic crosshairs or other provided target styles. Once the image is lined up, the user presses the activation button on the camera or any key on the keyboard to start the measurement. The Kingscan IVe reads a maximum of 1200 points around the circumference of the Brinell impression, 600 diameters in a + orientation and 600 diameters in an X orientation. The diameter of the impression is then calculated in accordance with ASTM-E10. In less than a second, the monitor displays the diameter of the impression and the Brinell hardness number of the impression. It also displays The Figure of Merit (the percentage of points that correspond to the diameter), RND (the percentage of roundness of the impression), the diameter of the ball used in making the impression, and the load used in making the impression. It also includes the sequence number of tests made on the part and the time it took to make the test.   


Highlights of The Kingscan IVe software includes:

  • The ability to set custom parameters and settings for an individual part. 

  • A database for logging and viewing test data by Part Number, Batch Number or Group Number.

  • A Brinell Table: enter the desired ball diameter and load to be used, and the appropriate Brinell Table will appear on the screen.

  • The ASTM - E140 Scale Conversion Table is provided to convert the hardness value of one test methodology to the  approximate value of another test methodology.

  • A Plot Data Graph is a time versus hardness graph. Enter the time period to be reviewed, and a graph plotting all test data made during that time period will appear on the screen with the correct Mean and Standard Deviation for that time period. Test data may be plotted by BHN or Diameter of impressions.

  • Data Navigation Program allows the user to review all data logged for a part. Enter the time period desired, and all test data taken for that part will be displayed.

  • An easy calibration program.

  • Choice of multiple targets to be used as an aid in aligning the Brinell impression for testing.         

  • The ability to custom arrange test data information for output to Statistical Process Control (SPC) programs. 

  • The ability to be used in conjunction with most Bar Code Readers.

  • Compatible with all computers using Windows 7, 8, & 10.


       Kingscan IVe Automatic Brinell Microscope Kit includes:


 · (1) High speed USB 2.0 Digital Camera

· (1) 6ft high speed USB 2.0 cable

· (1) 15ft high speed USB 2.0 cable

· (1) KingScan IVe Software

· (1) Calibration test block with certification

· (1) Set of extra camera front lens

· Software Installation and Setup instructions

· KingScan IVe Product Manual

· Optional Rugged Military Drop Tested Tablet available with Kingscan IVe installed. 




Kingscan IVe  Kit Requirements:  Compatible with all computers using Windows 7, 8 & 10

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